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Elevate offers an array of programs and services. See below for what we currently provide.

We accept private pay and the following insurance plans:
VHP Commercial, Cigna, Aetna, and Magellan.

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clinical programs.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

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We want to empower clients to tap into their own resiliency while working toward achieving their
personal goals. We will help provide the tools and guidance needed toward reaching your goals. 

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Anxiety and Depression Anxiety are among the most common mental health issues faced by adults in the United States, and can feeling overwhelming and debilitating. Normal reactions to life’s stressors may include feelings of anger, irritability, sadness, and worthlessness. But anxiety and depression are much more severe and tend to persist for a long time. Anxiety and depression may manifest itself differently for each person. Individuals may worry about little things they need to do but experience a lack of motivation to do any of it. Admitting to their anxiety and depression may cause shame or fear of stigma which could have serious consequences if left untreated. Remember, you do not have to cope with anxiety and depression alone. Seeking help will provide a healthier outlet for you to express your emotions. There are ways to guide your habits and lifestyle so you can deal with your emotions better. Roughly 16 million adults are affected by depression, and since the pandemic the rates of anxiety and depression “have doubled according to the CDC, and self-harm has increased 50% among female adolescents.” (GMA-Teens Suffering from Depression & Anxiety Episode). The cause of one’s depression may be attributed to genetics, biology and environment and psychological factors. cause one’s depression. Depression and anxiety are often closely related. Uncontrollable emotions of fear, worry and panic may develop when experiencing anxiety and depression for longer periods of time. Some effects one may experience might include: - Family misunderstandings and conflict - Social discrimination - Decline in work productivity - Inability to maintain relationships - Suicidal tendencies - Loss of interest in any activity or hobby - Withdrawal from peers - Poor time management - Reckless behavior around social situations - School refusal - Isolation


Groups for Depression: We offer separate groups to address depression in both adolescence and adults. Our groups are based on an evidenced-based cognitive behavior model to help both teens and adults recognize and intervene with their depression by offering tools and skills to help alleviate depressive symptoms. Groups for Anxiety: Groups are also available to address Anxiety. This group offers tools/skills and meditation strategies to assist clients in understanding contributing factors of their anxiety.


Couples Work Shop: Based on John Gottman’s ModelElevate Counseling Center provides Workshops for couples to assist them in building a healthy foundation, and providing tools and skills to aid couples in their growth together. This two-day 8-hour course will aid couples in better understanding dysfunction and potential areas of growth, while incorporating and identifying strengths and shared meaning.

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