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Elevate Counseling Center is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our clients and staff reflect the diversity of our community. Elevate was created to serve the growing mental health needs of  Silicon Valley professionals and their families. We recognize the increasing need to address anxiety, depression, work-life balance, and conflictual relationships. Elevate has experienced leadership and experience in the mental health field. Elevate’s CEO understands the demands of working in high-tech Silicon Valley as a former high-tech worker. 

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We provide a variety of outpatient care to Silicon Valley professionals and we treat individuals, couples, and families and offer specialized group counseling in order to promote balance and well-being. Treatment may involve assessments for anxiety, depression, or trauma to get an understanding of your specific mental health needs. Our committed care professionals are comprised of licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Clinical Counselors, and Associate Marriage and Family Therapists. Our goal is to assist you in reaching your full potential by accessing your strengths and examining issues where you may feel “overwhelmed”, “conflicted”, “stuck “ or “unresolvable”.

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Meet the Clinicians

The Elevate team is passionate about helping you meet your goals.

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We will help provide the tools and guidance needed toward reaching your goals.

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Advantage of Elevate

Our treatment options allow 

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Conditions we treat

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We would love to answer any further questions you may have. 

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Elevate's vision is  to empower clients to reach their full potential!  We believe in the power of change and resiliency.

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How Do I get enrolled in your services? Answer: Contact our main number: 408-228-4767 What if I no longer have insurance? Answer: At the time of enrollment you will be provided the rate we charge based on your gross annual income. This fee will be charged should you become unenrolled in your insurance plan. What kind of Insurace do you accept? Answer: We accept Valley Health Plan-Commercial, Aetna and Cigna at this time.

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